Public Intoxication

McDonald County, Missouri

This ordinance is enacted to insure and promulgate the health, safety and welfare of all people located within the boundaries of McDonald County, Missouri.

Section 1.008, Drugged, drunk and disorderly on public waters.

(a.) Any person under the influence of any regulated substance or alcohol on any public waters within McDonald County, Missouri, being drunk and disorderly or causing a public disturbance shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

(b.) It shall be a class A misdemeanor for any person to be either endangering directly the safety of another person or of property or acting in a manner that causes a public disturbance on any public waters within McDonald County.

(c.) Violation of this Ordinance carries a fine of not less than S25.00 upon conviction.



Is it illegal to drink while you float and/or fish? No.

Is it illegal to be drunk while you float and/or fish? Technically, yes.

This ordinance is the club, if you will, that will be used against you if you are causing a problem while intoxicated on the streams of the Elk River basin within the boundaries of McDonald county.

It has been the observation of this site’s editor over the past 30+ years that you have no problems in McDonald county so as long as you are not making one. The people of McDonald county are laid back and quite generous even to perfect strangers. Just be warned they’ll brook little nonsense.

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